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passing judgement: an excerpt from the new story

from Chapter Six: Details and Destinations

Virgil groaned, and leaned against the seat. He wearily loosened the cravat around his neck, unbuttoning the tightest part of his collar. “I dunno how you northerners breathe all day with your shirts so tight. Maybe that’s why Raven’s don’t talk much,” he chuckled.

Instead of laughing, Nobody answered his remark with a narrow glare, a frown tugging his lips downward. “If you had any impression of the torment those soldiers must endure, you would not dare speak of them so thoughtlessly.”

The other raised an eyebrow. “Torment? Last I checked it wasn’t the Ravens that got shot in the center a’town for daring to think this rotten place needs some fixing. They’ve murdered children. Those pigs don’t deserve my sympathy, not after what they’ve done,” Virgil scoffed, with a frown equally sour.

“Some of them are children,” Nobody snapped, then, regained his composure. “You know nothing of what they suffer. You do not have the right to pass judgment.” The redhead’s glare was dark, and his words dripped with venom. The drop in his tone sent a chill down Virgil’s spine. He sounded like a Raven, then—commanding, deadly. Virgil could see the light leave his eyes.

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MASASHI before live


MASASHI before live

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Jupiter -「ARCADIA」MV (Full Version)

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I am haunted by all the editions of books that are prettier than the ones I already own.

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The Hall of Mirrors reflects the reign of the Sun King in Versailles, France, July 1989

The Hall of Mirrors reflects the reign of the Sun King in Versailles, France, July 1989

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Surreal Gallery


Surreal Gallery

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Don’t worry! Be happy!


Don’t worry! Be happy!

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Faith sketches


Faith sketches

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Sorry I’ve been pretty inactive lately! My classes have kept me busy and I have a lot to work on for the next week or so. But exciting things are happening! ✨

I’ll update you all soon! 💕

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Don’t linger; the darkness
has eyes, dear, and teeth
and a memory long
as the ocean is deep
I know that you’re tired
your mind begs for peace
but there’s so much more to us
when we’re at our least

Don’t forget to breathe
to catch life in your lungs